Get to know our crew!

Teamwork divides the task & multiplies the success!

Our crew is the number one reason for our success as a business. We work as a team and accomplish so much because of their hard work ethic.



Meet Tony McLaughlin. Owner of To The Top Tree Service. Tony is the one that gives all of our estimates, runs the bucket truck, and climbs the trees. He would be happy to come by and give you an estimate at your earliest convenience.

Tony is skilled with climbing for those trees that are impossible to get to with our bucket truck. He has been working with trees for twelve years. He started his business back in 2014.

Why did Tony start To The Top Tree Service?

Tony used to work for Arch Coal at the coal mine in Elkhart, Illinois. He liked being employed there but the hours were not ideal for him and his family. His wife and him had welcomed a little girl into their lives and he wanted more time with his family. He had always had an interest and skill in tree work so he worked hard at starting this business for himself, and his family. Since starting the business he and his wife welcomed another little girl into the world. He is thankful for making the decision back in 2014 to start this wonderful business. He now is able to spend more time with his family, and exceeded all goals he made back then for this business. He now has more goals for this business and we simply cannot wait to see what the future holds.